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Each piece of machinery is designed with expertise, experience, and excellence.

Caramel & Syrup waffle lines

Caramel & Syrup Waffle line.png
Stacked Dutch syrup waffles.

The Caramel & Syrupwaffle is a traditional Dutch product and till a few years ago only known in the The Netherlands. His bite and great taste, makes this product unique in the world and there for our Caramel & Syrupwaffle lines are a strong growing export product.


Not without pride we can say that our advanced Caramel & Syrupwaffle Production line is one of a kind. Years of development has created that Dutch Waffle Systems is dedicated to waffle production systems worldwide.


Our Caramel & Syrupwaffle systems are available in the range of 3.000 pieces per hour up to 50.000 pieces per hour.

Hard & Soft waffle lines

Carrousel line

Dutch Waffles Systems Carrousel.png
Soft waffle by Caroussel line by Dutch Waffle Systems

For lower capacities or for the simultaneous production of different products, the Dutch Waffle Systems Carrousel is a good investment.

We can supply the DWS Carrousel for hard and soft as well as Syrup & Caramel Waffles.

The capacity varies per product type in the range of 3.000 to 5.000 products per hour.

Hard & Soft waffle lines

Hard and Soft waffle line by Dutch Waffle Systems
Belgium waffles by Dutch Waffle Systems

Finding added value, that is one of our core focusses. Dutch Waffle Systems has the possibilities to create with the waffle make up lines more than only a waffle. If you want to have a waffle with decoration, sandwiched or filled waffles, the Dutch Waffle Systems make up lines create these possibilities.


Dutch Waffle Systems is able to offer a large range of know-how in making the Hard & Softwaffles with your own ingredients. Training your people at your location is a standard procedure. Also support can be given on producing center fillings and the way of packaging.


Dutch Waffle Systems Hard & Softwaffle lines are available in the range of 5.000 pieces per hour up to 70.000 pieces per hour.

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